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Knees & Shoulders
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John P. George, MD has extensive experience treating sports related injuries and tailoring a comprehensive approach using advanced orthopedic procedures with one goal in mind; to get you back to you.

How we've helped others

“Getting hurt is something that athletes never talk about or even want to think about.  When the person next to you gets hurt, you feel for them and then you are thankful it was not you.  Then one day, it is you and then you are like, “I WANT TO SEE THE BEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD!” For us here in South Georgia we are lucky because that person is Dr. George and he is right here.  When you go in, you are not just “the next patient with a hurt arm or hurt knee.” You are a person and an athlete and he treats each person differently and listens to you and tries to understand what is wrong and then makes a diagnosis that is best for you.  He has trained with the best and is in touch with the best orthopedic doctors in the country, so he is on top of his profession and you can tell it when he talks with you. It may not be the right thing for the next person, but you feel it is the right thing for you and he understands how you hurt and how he can help.  Athletes don’t care about rest or time away, they want to get back on the field and they want to get back to the field NOW!  Dr George understands that and helps you to understand how we can make that happen as quickly and safely as possible.  And that is why I have never worried about getting hurt because I knew that if I did, Dr. George would be there and he would take care of me.”

Katie R.