John P. George, MD has extensive experience treating sports related injuries and tailoring a comprehensive approach using advanced orthopedic procedures with one goal in mind; to get you back to you.

How we've helped others

“I’m a retired Georgia State Trooper. In 2001, I was involved in a foot pursuit and fell during the apprehension of the suspect and shattered the tip of my radial head (elbow). Over the years on the job I developed other ailments resulting from the limited use of my arm. I have had hand, elbow and shoulder surgery. Dr. George performed my shoulder surgery.

Dr. George, and the entire staff at Optim Healthcare have been awesome and are great testaments to their profession. I would highly recommend anyone who has orthopedic health issues to the physicians at Optim Healthcare. They not only offer help, they offer hope.”

Rodney M.
Shoulder Surgeries