John P. George, MD has extensive experience treating sports related injuries and tailoring a comprehensive approach using advanced orthopedic procedures with one goal in mind; to get you back to you.

How we've helped others

“I tore my meniscus while participating in cheerleading and gymnastics. Unfortunately, the tear did not show up on the MRI since it realigned itself. After no progress with my knee through physical therapy Dr. George and my parents decided arthroscopic surgery would be best to see what was going on. Dr. George found that my meniscus was three-fourths of the way torn and decided to repair it. Thanks to Dr. George incredible care, I am much less likely to experience long-term problems with my knee.

The level of care I received from Dr. George was incredible. Dr. George always took the time to explain to me and my parents what was going on before and after surgery and through all my visits to track my progress.”

Ashlee G.
Knee Surgery