Just don’t take our word for it. Read these testimonials from some of Dr. George’s many satisfied patients:

“I was pitching and felt a pop in my elbow. After that I was unable to throw, I was told that I had a sprained elbow, but it just didn’t feel right. I still couldn’t throw. Dr. George examined me and discovered that I had torn the ligament in my elbow. He performed the tommy johns surgery on my elbow and now I can throw again. My college coach thinks I’ve actually improved my throw.” – D.L.

“I’ve had the good fortune of being a patient of his for years. He is absolutely outstanding.” – R.A.

“I tore my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). I asked around to find out who specialized in this surgery and was told Dr. George has performed thousands of them. I had my ACL repaired and am able to do everything everything I could do before the injury.” – M.S.

“He listens to his patients and lets them decide on proper treatment.” – R.A.

“I was told I had shoulder spurs. I had pain every time I lifted my arm. Dr. George said I could have these removed through three small holes in my shoulder and that I would be able to move my arm the next day! Three weeks later I had full use of my shoulder again!” – G.S.

“I was told I needed surgery on my knee. Dr. george told me that my condition could be treated with physical therapy and started me right away. My knee pain is gone and I didn’t have to have surgery.” – J.P.

“His care included great Doctoring, therapy and is extremely helpful to any first time patient.” – R.A.

“My shoulder kept popping out of place. I was told that I would need surgery to correct this problem. Dr. George told me that there was a new procedure that didn’t require a large incision. Through several small holes he repaired my shoulder and It feels normal now. I don’t even have any scars and can do anything I want.” – K.C.

“He is always accessible.” – R.A.

“I have had three surgeries with Dr. George and have been greatly satisfied.” – H.C.

“Four months after my rotator cuff surgery, I was back in the gym and hunting. I was thrilled!”
– E.J.

“When my shoulder was hurt, I thought I was never going to have use of it again. Dr. George kept me informed at all times about the injury and surgery, which kept me very calm.  After my surgey, I was able to hug my family again! He is an outstanding surgeon!” – T.Y.